So much to do!

San Francisco, Mexico: Coastal Beauty Unveiled

San Pancho beckons travelers with its picturesque beaches and coastal charm, but there is so much more.

  1. Nearby Beaches: If you want to explore more of the Pacific Coast than just San Pacho, Sayulita is about 5 minutes south of San Pancho on the highway. It tends to be more crowded but also has calmer waters. Lo de Marcos is about 15 minutes North on the highway and it has calmer waters and tends to be less crowded than Sayulita.
  2. Adventure activities: Surfing lessons, mountain biking tours, zip lining, horseback riding, ATV riding, fishing, and whale watching are all accessible. San Pancho is also a great location for bird watching. We can help you find the right activities for you.
  3. Beach Club: There is a luxury beach club just a 7 minute walk from our villa that offers day passes and has work out equipment.
  4. Shopping: It’s fun to wander around in the main street of San Pancho and some side streets. You will find handcrafted jewelry, paintings and other art, trinkets and keepsakes. There are also bigger outdoor markets on certain days. Once you rent, you can read about these in our guest guide.
  5. Restaurants: There are so many places to eat in town. Follow your nose and you will find something wonderful.